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Bodies of Evidence

Capt. Ben Carroll (Lee Horsley), Det. Ryan Walker (George Clooney), Det. Nora Houghton (Kate McNeil), and Det. Walt Higgins (Al Finn)

Character: Detective Ryan Walker

Occupation: homicide detective and criminal psychologist

Time on the show: 1992-1993

Introduction: When we first saw Ryan Walker, he was working on a serial killer case. It didn't take long to figure out that Ryan had a gift for getting inside the head of the killers he tracked.

Background:  Well, there isn't all that much to saw about Ryan Walker. With the show only running for 16 episodes and with it being an ensemble effort, he didn't get a huge amount of screen time. Therefore, we really never got a chance to get to know him.

Favorite Moments: My personal favorite moment would have to be when Ryan and his then-partner, Det. Nora Houghton, are in a bar after work and Ryan gets up to leave. Nora asks whewre he is going and he replies, "I have a date." "With who?" Nora asks. "Courtney," he replies. Now you see why I liked that part. :)

I also always liked the scenes between Ryan and Captain Ben Carroll, played by Lee Horsley. Even though Ben was the boss, he and Ryan were good friends. The conversations between them almost remind me of Doug Ross and Mark Greene on ER sometimes.

How it all ended: Like so many times when a show never really catches on, cancellation was inevitable. BOE ended before we ever really got to know the characters as well as we wanted and without ever really telling us what happened to them. The last we saw of Ryan Walker, he was dating a girl who answered phone sex calls. The show could have been good, but they never really found a hook. By the time it was over, the show had gotten to where the first and last episodes seemed to come from a different show entirely.

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