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Baby Talk

Joe (George Clooney) and his pint-sized costar 

Character: Joe

Occupation: house painter, baby sitter

Time on the show: 1991

Premise: I'm going to have to do this one a little differently since I barely even remember seeing this show. The basic story was about Maggie Campbell and her infant son, Mickey. It was a TV version of the Look Who's Talking movies. The gimmick was that the audience could hear what Mickey was thinking.

George's part: George played a guy who was at the house a lot and helped out with the baby. I'm not quite sure if he lived in the building or what. I just know he was around a lot. I also get the feeling he had a thing for Maggie.

How It All Ended: The show got a major makeover after it's very disappointing first season. George did not return for season two. I'm not quite sure if this was by choice or not but either way I'm glad George left when he did as the show was supposedly even worse in it's second year.

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So far I haven't found any sounds from the show. If anyone happens to have a tape of an episode or two that I could pull some sounds off of and you would be willing to make me a copy please email me! Thanks!

Also, please email me if you have some information on the plot of the show. I know my synopsis leaves much to be desired so I'd appreciate the help. :)

Maggie Campbell (Julia Duffy), Mickey Campbell, and Joe (George Clooney) showcase the humor of Baby Talk. Sorry, I'm not sure who the victim is in this shot. If you know please tell me


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