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Sunset Beat


George as Chic Chesbro with his Sunset Beat costars

Character: Chic Chesbro

Occupation: police officer/rock star

Time on the show: 1990

Premise: Once again, this is not a show I have seen a lot of. In fact, I'm not sure if I ever saw this one. All I can really say is that, from what I have heard, it wasn't George's finest work. He played a cop/rock singer. That right there should tell you he wasn't going to win the Emmy. But I can't really give an opinion since I don't remember the show.

How it all ended: Again, I have no clue. I know it got canceled pretty quickly. I'm guessing it was for poor ratings. 

Sunset Beat Pages

None that I know of. If you find any please send me the link

Sunset Beat Sounds

Again, I haven't found any. If anyone has the show on tape and would be willing to make me a copy please email me. Thanks!

If you remember this show and would like to help me out with the summary I would appreciate it. Email me! :)


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